Older Eyes

Well most of my shooting in the last few years has been Using scoped rifles. So I did not realize just how badly the progressive lenses on my glasses would impact my pistol shooting. As I have been easing myself back into heavy pistol shooting I have run into the glasses problem. For the most part I was just having problems seeing the sights while shooting outdoors. I then started shooting indoors more as winter hit, and that brought another problem, which was dimly lit / poorly lit indoor ranges. I finally was at my new favorite local range which is fairly well lit and I put up more lights which are magnetic

This finally let me realize that it was not the light but my glasses that were giving me the blurry sight picture so tilting my head back to look out of the bottom of my glasses where the sights were in sharp focus really tightened up my groups but did nothing for my neck. After my range time on Monday I went to the optometrist and got a single focus prescription with a Focal Distance of 26 inches and my moderate distance prescription. So anything past 60 feet will probably be pretty blurry, but in action shooting you are putting the sight picture on the target so having the target in crisp focus is not really a big deal. We will see what comes out of the new glasses.