Good news not so good news

Well the glasses did the trick, the front sight is now in crisp focus all the time, the target at 25 feet is in good enough focus that I can put the sights on the bottom of the bulls eye and be on it. I have always known that pistol shooting was a fairly perishable skill. After 1200 rounds through the CZ Shadow2 I feel that I have that gun getting back under control and the group size and placement keeps getting better. Now last night I got out Old Faithful, my Nighthawk Custom Dominator for the first time in a long while and gave it a go. I have always just gelled with this gun, I put the shots where I wanted them while shooting IDPA 95% of the time. Now I seem to be struggle it with trigger control and probably grip as well. I can get hits in the center, but man I have to work for them.

The upper right and lower left are the Shadow2, the rest are the Dominator. I am just pulling them low and to the right which for a lefty means a combination of Trigger and anticipation.

I think it might be time for a pistol school or two. Anyone know of a good school in the Mid Atlantic that won’t start off with “this is then end the bullets come out of” type of instruction. I think I need to clean up my finger placement on the trigger and my grip. But I am not adverse to learning new things and trying out new stuff.