Old Blue doing work

Well I have had my Dillon 650 since 1994, 26 years is a long time to have a thing in today’s disposable world. I have produced 10s of thousands of rounds of mostly .45acp. I have given both .308, and .223 rifle a go on the progressive wonder and it runs fine, but pistol is what I have done the most of with .45 and .40 being the only pistol calibers I have been loading over the years. Now I have added 9mm to the mix. I also added a Mr. Bullet feeder last week. I wish I had added it years ago when it came out. Man it makes loading almost a no intervention process. Just pull the handle, occasionally add cases and primers, and fill the powder hopper when I start my session and that is that. I usually do a spot check on the powder weight every 50 rounds or so but the Dillon does pretty well for pistol powder and I only occasionally have to adjust it (usually when the powder levels get lower).

This was about an hour’s worth of work. Could have gone faster but I have some milspec 9mm brass that needs to be swaged to get rid of the primer pocket crimp and that slows down the process as the primer will not seat.