Reloading like mad…

Well I have probably loaded 1000 9mm and the Mr Bullet Feeder is awesome. I just dump in a few hundred bullets, refill the primers and off I go. I am experimenting with the Hi-Tek super coated cast bullets loaded in front of Tightgroup in range pickup brass. I got 1000 135 grain from and 1000 135 grain from both in 9mm. First blush says that the Bayou bullets might be coated a bit thicker as pulling a loaded bullet (damn .380 cases snuck in) and the coating is intact from the light crimp and with the DG bullet there is a very small break in the coating. Yes I am doing the Seat and Crimp in the same die as I only have a 5 position reloader. I am not giving up the powder check station because safety , so the Seat and Crimp in station 5 is staying. I did weigh a random 5 bullets from each company and they are both weighing in at 135.22 to 135.64 grains with both companies being pretty equal in the spread between bullets. Now to go shoot some up.

The Red bullets are Bayou, and the Green are DG. The only real difference is that the Bayou bullets have a lube groove in the bullet and the DG bullets don’t have a groove. Did not really put them in calipers so if you want more details, comment on the post and I will put them in calipers for you.

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