Tough bullet choices

Well I have loaded the first 1000 of my Bayou bullets and 500 of the DG bullets. They both shoot about the same and cost exactly the same. So I guess that I am just down to the little things. The coating on the Bayou bullets is a hair better, the DG bullets did not have any issues in the Mr. Bullet Dropper where the Bayou bullets had a few upside down. That may have been me and teething issues/learning. But the DG did not have any bullets upside down except for the one I dropped in the tube while putting bullets in the hopper. So I guess I am really down to which color do I like better. Sigh… The tie breaker would have been shipping but they both ship same day as the order happens and are equidistance from my house. I guess I will just alternate between the two… Bayou is up next….