Finally getting back in shooting shape

Well I hit the range again today (3rd or 4th time this week I think). I think all the practice is starting to pay off.

The top five shots are at 20 feet with my CZ 97B. Roughly one a second. The center is 10 shots with my CZ Shadow 2 in roughly five to six seconds. I would have to look at the data from the MantisX to be sure of the time. I am pretty happy with the results of all the practice lately. It seems all the range time is paying dividends. The guys running the range said I shooting really well on Saturday as well. I just wish I was shooting my 1911s as well as the CZs…

I have been working pretty hard on my grip but am not really happy with it at the moment. I have been working on the off hand and getting the palm situated and then also getting the middle finger through pinky finger on top of the fingers of the shooting hand. Just not really happy about where my index finger of the off hand is supposed to end up. I guess I need to try and do a pistol class and maybe start to do some competitions locally again.