Well thats a relief

I really did not want to buy a bunch of evil black weapons this year and not that the Assault Weapon/Assault Pistol ban has been shelved for this year with an unfavorable reading in the committee, now I can just get one or two and be picky about it. The side note on all of this is that the Dems also will not be making weapons offenses more strict (Which the Republican Governor wants, so we can’t do that…) so we can expect to see the Homicides in Baltimore which currently stands at 44 for 2020 to not decline as the corrupt city council and the corrupt Dems in MD just will not do anything to lock up the criminals. Including not enforcing the laws on the books. So as soon as it warms up we should expect to see more of the last few years on the crime in Baltimore…

One thought on “Well thats a relief”

  1. Test comment. Since I have started posting again regularly I figured I would have seen at least one comment but nada. This is a test

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