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Wow.  As of right now the Apple map app that is in iOS 6 is full of fail.

I used to love the app for the traffic info.  That is the first thing I looked at and wow talk about fail.

It is nothing but ugly.  I am betting that if Steve were still alive this abomination would have never seen the light of day.

Google put the traffic up as green, yellow, then finally red with nice flashing bits along the highways…  It was my personal guide on what routes to avoid every day.

Now it is a bunch of red dashes alongside the road.  They have added triangles and construction alerts which is nice but their traffic sucks.  I make my driving decision based on the yellow and red areas, now I just have red dashes and I am not liking it.

Taking care of your customers

It has been a rough month or so for me as far as monitors and glass goes.

I broke my LCD screen and the glass on my work issued Mac Book Pro in Sydney (2009 unibody) and then I broke my month old iPad 3 glass in Oman.

Now the Mac Book Pro is a bit old and the warranty had run out so I just went third party on the repair of it.  But the iPad was brand spanking new, so a trip to my local Apple Store was in order.

While I was at it I decided to have them look at my work iPhone which was a couple of months old and the camera flash was not working (it was a refurb).

So I got in the store  and was instantly seen by an employee in the back who sat me down and we went over the options, he also had another guy grab my iPhone for a trip to the back room.  Since I neglected to get the apple care plus for the iPad it was going to cost me to get the iPad repaired, and I knew this going in.  As it is a brand new model the spare parts for it were 150 dollars plus my labor to install them, Apple would give me a new unit for $250.  For me that was a no brainer as my labor time to replace the glass would have exceeded the extra $100 above the cost of the parts, plus that did not include the bent back case.

The guy came out 20 minutes later and had replaced the camera module in the phone and it was as good as new and free of charge.  So inside of 30 minutes I left the store a happy customer, new iPad and a Fixed iPhone.

And Apple has kept making me a happy customer for over 30 years.  There were some dark days back in the late 90s where I sat at my desk and despaired that windows 98 was as good as it was going to get, as John Scully was running Apple into the ground…  Then there was the second comming of Steve and he brought back the ideal that the user experience is the ends, and technology was just the means.  Its why I keep buying Apple products.  My personal laptop is now 6 years old and still works well but is showing its age.  It was a top of the line 17 inch MacBook Pro in its day.

I am a bit sad that the 17 inch Mac Book Pro is no more, as I really appreciate the extra screen real-estate, but the new Retina 15 inch is going to have to make due.  I think I am going to go “Full Retard” on this one as my Macs generally see 5 years of service at a minimum so the big cost up front though painful is spread over ~6 years of use so in the end it is not bad.  Oh and I will get the apple care plus for this bit of Tech…