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Off to Annapolis

Well I am off to Annapolis tomorrow morning, hopefully with a thousand or so of my closest friends. I will have my iPad with me so I will try and do some live updates… I am sure it will be cold out. I hope this does not put a damper on turnout.

Update 9:01 AM: Forgot to charge my camera. Giving it a quick 30 minute charge should be enough for the event…

Update 9:10 AM: Talked to The Turtle Gunners and they should be departing Towson around 9:30..

Update 10:51AM: Just getting to the Navy stadium is a nightmare. The highway exit was backed up a mile. Then another 30 minutes to the stadium.

Update 11:30AM: the festivities have started


Update 1:53PM: the senate building is full to capacity. The building is shutdown due to over capacity. Unless you signed up to speak you can’t get in.  Update on the update: By order of the fire marshal.

Update 1:55PM: Delegate Dwyer spoke to the crowd and stated that in his 11 years in Annapolis he had never seen so many people show up at a senate hearing.

Listening to the proceedings on the web.  The wankers are talking about school security and how it will be improved but there is nothing about school security in the bill…

Update 3:00PM: I have heard reports that the washington times is estimating the crowed to be over 3000 people.  I was thinking at least 2000 but I know nothing about estimating crowds..

This photo is from outside the senate building where the hearings are going on…


Added a new stake holder to the 2nd Amendment

Went to Bass Pro near me last night to see about ordering a Lefty shotgun.  When I got there I saw that they had a pile of Colt carbines, 16 to be exact and 4 crappy bushmasters.

I immediately texted my buddy that they had Evil Black Rifles in stock.  I had already grabbed myself a ticket as that was the only way that I was going to be able to ask about a shotgun.  Once he responded back that he was interested I grabbed him one too even though he would not be there for an hour or so.  Now this was around 4:30.  After my buddy dropped his wife off at home he arrived at 6:30 or so.  There are now 12 Colts and 4 crappy bushmasters.

The only thing keeping those AR-15s there was the fact that bass pro only had 3 people there to oversee the paperwork (one was just doing firearm pickups).  By the time my buddy got his hands on his there were 10 left.  By the time I had a chance to put a request in to get a shotgun on order there were 9 left.  In the 4 hours that I was there 90% of the guns being sold were AR-15s, a stray shotgun or two and maybe a pistol.  If they had 4 people just doing paperwork those guns would probably would have all been gone before I finally finished giving Bass Pro my info for a call back on the shotgun order.

Oh, Bass pro was also selling them at list price.

Help a Gunny out Drive

It seems Jeff over at Alphecca has run aground on the rocky shoals of the Obama economy.

For my two readers out there, please post up something similar.  If you have the extra coins laying around hit Jeff’s paypal link.

I have long counted Jeff as a friend even though we have never met and have only traded a few emails, I have long been hitting up Jeff’s site for his Gun News roundup and appreciate that after 11 years he still puts up daily posts unlike me.



Well that is the last one of those dates that I will see in my expected lifetime.  Makes me a little sad,  I really liked seeing those just like I love having Friday 13th birthdays.

Its like watching your car odometer go over 111111 or 222222 etc..

I got to go to the range and introduce a new shooter to the sport.

Shot 111 rounds of .9mm and 222 rounds of .45 it was a good day.  I only packed that many of each caliber on purpose…

9… Really… 9?

So in order to kill one bad guy the two police officers had to shoot 16 times and wound 9 other people???

Maybe the SSA should transfer those 174,000 rounds of hollow point to the NYPD because those boys need some fundamental firearms accuracy training.

Yea Yea I know the stress of the moment…  But really, what happened to knowing your target and what is behind it.

Something tells me these guys need to spend some time shooting IDPA or something similar…

MD concealed carry update

Well, it seems that the appellate court gave Maryland it’s requested stay which means that there will be no permits issued on the 8th of August.

I was not holding my breath in any way shape or form on that one, been in this crooked state way to long to fall for the Charlie brown football move.

The bright side is that the appeal has been fast tracked for October.

So maybe two months from now I can join the free people in the other 98% of the country.

How did I miss the Cowboy?

Somehow in the first round of my blogroll links I missed putting Cowboy Blob in the list.

That has now been rectified, though I am not sure how I neglected to add Chippy’s personal videographer to my list the first time.

Cowboy Blob is also the only gun blogger that I have on my Facebook friends list…  God I wasted a lot of time on Facebook…


Now that the air has cleared a bit on the recent mass shooting by a crazy nutbag in Colorado, I have been thinking a lot about gun free zones.

Aurora would be a gun free zone if not for the 2003 Colorado law that took local gun regulations out of the hands of the local municipalities.  Though that law does not stop business from banning firearms on their premises.

CineMark is definitely a company that has decided to ban firearms on its premises.

Now Colorado has roughly 5.1 million citizens and roughly 130,000 concealed carry permits have been issued since 2003, So my new math brings that to around 1 in 39 people have a carry permit.

So the average theater has roughly 150ish seats depending on size, which means that we are looking at probably 2-3 people that statistically could have been carry permit holders in that theater.

How long is it going to take for some lawyer to come up with one of those people (or family of a victim, heaven forbid) that had a permit but were not able to carry due to the theater policy?

By disarming their customers have they taken on the responsibility to protect them?

What are the chances of CineMark still existing as a going concern once they loose a lawsuit based on the fact that they failed to protect their customers?