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Finally getting back in shooting shape

Well I hit the range again today (3rd or 4th time this week I think). I think all the practice is starting to pay off.

The top five shots are at 20 feet with my CZ 97B. Roughly one a second. The center is 10 shots with my CZ Shadow 2 in roughly five to six seconds. I would have to look at the data from the MantisX to be sure of the time. I am pretty happy with the results of all the practice lately. It seems all the range time is paying dividends. The guys running the range said I shooting really well on Saturday as well. I just wish I was shooting my 1911s as well as the CZs…

I have been working pretty hard on my grip but am not really happy with it at the moment. I have been working on the off hand and getting the palm situated and then also getting the middle finger through pinky finger on top of the fingers of the shooting hand. Just not really happy about where my index finger of the off hand is supposed to end up. I guess I need to try and do a pistol class and maybe start to do some competitions locally again.

Good news not so good news

Well the glasses did the trick, the front sight is now in crisp focus all the time, the target at 25 feet is in good enough focus that I can put the sights on the bottom of the bulls eye and be on it. I have always known that pistol shooting was a fairly perishable skill. After 1200 rounds through the CZ Shadow2 I feel that I have that gun getting back under control and the group size and placement keeps getting better. Now last night I got out Old Faithful, my Nighthawk Custom Dominator for the first time in a long while and gave it a go. I have always just gelled with this gun, I put the shots where I wanted them while shooting IDPA 95% of the time. Now I seem to be struggle it with trigger control and probably grip as well. I can get hits in the center, but man I have to work for them.

The upper right and lower left are the Shadow2, the rest are the Dominator. I am just pulling them low and to the right which for a lefty means a combination of Trigger and anticipation.

I think it might be time for a pistol school or two. Anyone know of a good school in the Mid Atlantic that won’t start off with “this is then end the bullets come out of” type of instruction. I think I need to clean up my finger placement on the trigger and my grip. But I am not adverse to learning new things and trying out new stuff.

Older Eyes

Well most of my shooting in the last few years has been Using scoped rifles. So I did not realize just how badly the progressive lenses on my glasses would impact my pistol shooting. As I have been easing myself back into heavy pistol shooting I have run into the glasses problem. For the most part I was just having problems seeing the sights while shooting outdoors. I then started shooting indoors more as winter hit, and that brought another problem, which was dimly lit / poorly lit indoor ranges. I finally was at my new favorite local range which is fairly well lit and I put up more lights which are magnetic

This finally let me realize that it was not the light but my glasses that were giving me the blurry sight picture so tilting my head back to look out of the bottom of my glasses where the sights were in sharp focus really tightened up my groups but did nothing for my neck. After my range time on Monday I went to the optometrist and got a single focus prescription with a Focal Distance of 26 inches and my moderate distance prescription. So anything past 60 feet will probably be pretty blurry, but in action shooting you are putting the sight picture on the target so having the target in crisp focus is not really a big deal. We will see what comes out of the new glasses.