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And the bleating continues…

So here we have another shooting in a gun free zone target rich environment, and the president is outraged…

Give us a break.  Were you outraged when 36 people were shot and killed in September in Chicago? Nope, did not even bat an eye?  How about the 25 in Baltimore in the last 30 days?  Nope…  Not a word.

Why?  There was no political gain by publicizing the 60 murders from those two cities.

Guns don’t just jump up and shoot on their own, it takes a person behind the gun to commit these vile acts.  I am betting that the guy that did this last shooting also got his guns through legal means and passed the background checks.  Background checks are only going to weed out the people who are already criminals (who don’t get their guns through legal means in the first place).  You can’t fix crazy but you can try and make sure that YOU are prepared should crazy intrude on your life.

Only you are responsible for your own safety.  But that is hard work and most people won’t put out the effort required to ensure their own safety.  They think the police will keep them safe.

Keep believing that lie…

The bleating will continue.

Leaving on the early plane

Have to get up at 3AM tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it.  Heading back to the east coast after being in Phoenix for the last week helping out with the family after my Mom had a minor stroke.   My sister went home on Wednesday but I planned on staying a bit longer in case Dad needing any help.  Turns out the microwave broke on Wednesday and needed replaced.  Only a couple holes were different on the mount for the new one so some drilling was required.  It would have been too much work for my Dad so it was good I was still here.  My parents replaced their old range at the same time but that was no issue.

I met up with Aric and Dan yesterday and we had a good time chewing the fat over lunch at Twin Peaks.  The scenery was nice and the food was ok but nothing to write home about.  Good times were had.

So when I get home it will be time to try and figure out why my 240Z is having timing sync losses above 5000 RPM.  Joy…

Its been a while

Since I have touched this page.

Life moves on.  The Z is a running race car, which means something is always breaking.  Right now that is the motor management which means that the car currently has a high rpm drop out on the crank sensor which I am struggling to figure out.  Could be noise, could be I don’t know what…

I think I am finally done with Facecock.  It has gotten to the point of being an annoyance more than anything else.  So maybe it is time to start writing here again.  Or not.  We shall see.


Hours and Hours…

Well I am in the home stretch on the 240Z

Wrapped up the exhaust and fuel system this weekend,  Was all ready to work on ensuring the timing as such were right with the old timing light.  But when we cranked the car it seems that the coil circuit is blowing its fuse.  I originally thought the D581 coils were LS1 coils and wired them that way.  After exhaustive head scratching and research on the inter webs it seems that the coils may in fact be LS2 coils and they are flipped from what I have in the car right now.  Sigh…

I ordered new pigtails as my custom made pigtails can’t be easily changed over (I think and will verify tomorrow) as you have to run the wire through the connector and then crimp and solder the little metal ends on and then draw them into the connector.  If that is in fact the case I will not be able to reuse the connectors easily and getting GM pre made pigtails would be easier.

So Officially I have two things left to do.  The parking brakes and the fender flares.  I hope to knock the fender flares out this week or weekend and then the parking brake soon after.

Race season is upon us and I am ready to drive the car after the last 500 or so hours of wrenching on the car.

Gas tank

Well one of the other big hangups with my Z build has been the gas tank.  The one that came with the car was in pretty good shape on the outside but unfortunately there was gas left in it since 1984 or so when it was last on the road.  So the inside of the tank is horrible.  It is like Godzilla took a shit in there and they just sealed it up.

So I went to my buddies secret Z parts hideout in PA a few weeks ago and picked through his tanks.  He had 3 sealed tanks and they were all spotless on the inside, no rust whatsoever.  The outside however was a different story.  There was tons of surface rust.  I took the worst of the lot as my buddy still needed a tank or two.  Here is the tank once I had wire wheeled it a little and before the Red-Kote coating that is going in the tank because I may be using E85 in this build.


I had to wait this long to do the Red-Kote because it had to stay above 60° in order for me to coat the tank.  Well it was in the eighties this weekend so it was time to coat the inside of the tank


You can see more surface rust on the bottom of the tank and the last of the Red-Kote dripping out.  I had to then wait 24 hours before treating the rust on the outside.  So first thing in the morning I set it out in the driveway to bask in the sun.  Around 2pm it was time to treat the rust.  I am using Corroseal as it actually chemically converts the rust instead of just coating it and isolating it from the atmosphere like POR-15.  It goes on white and creamy.


After a few hours anywhere that was rust turned black while anywhere that was bare metal or old paint and primer it was clear.

Most of the bottom of the tank was fairly rusty so now I have a nice black tank in most places.


Now I will give it another shot of primer and then black paint out of a rattle can it will be ready to go back into the car once I mount and plumb the fuel pump.

Its getting closer to running every day.

Rats nest

Well I have spend the last week or so soldering and running wires from all of the sensors.  Now I have to get a stepped bit and go through the firewall for the Megasquirt wiring harness so I can start taking care of my wiring mess.


I will be spending lots of quality time with my soldering gat over the next day or so when I am not working.

Fun in the Sun

Well I competed in the DC Pro Solo this weekend.  I was DFL in my class, but I knew that was probably to be my fate going in.  You have to start somewhere and my last pro event was in 2007.  I had not felt those kind of butterflies in the stomach since my first few auto crosses many many years ago.

I was not driving the car as hard as it needed to be driven, but that was ok with me.  Its not my car but I did have a really good time doing it.


The funny thing about this photo is it is really the first photo I have of me driving a car at a pro and its my buddies car.  When I look at all of the other photos of my old 350Z which was my last autocross car, it always had my buddy driving it, so it all evens out in the end.  I will be purchasing this photo from Perry when he makes them available…

You know there is a lot of grip when you have two wheels off the ground.

Now I really really want to get my car finished.  This little taste this weekend reminded me just how much I missed autocross…


Got my ass handed to me last night at darts…  Wednesday night is league night and this is my first season playing in a league since 2006.  I am on a team in the B Division.  I was about that level when I stopped playing in 06.  Now I am still getting back up to speed so maybe a high C level.  So needless to say I am bringing up the rear on my team.

Well after feeling pretty down last night after getting home I decided to take a look at the opposite team stats this morning.  Seems I was playing against their best shooters, so I don’t feel so bad now.  I did manage to make it close but made a tactical error and I should have know better.  Col. Mark beat it into my head, but my head is hard.

Kind of sucks for me, but you play the hand you are dealt.  I feel sorry for their worst player who got stuck playing against our best player, hopefully he can take it with the same grain of salt I did…

Dear old Dad

Well in the process of building my race car I have been having long talks with my dad about the build, giving him progress updates and such.  Most recently it was about relays.  I know what they do and have replaced them before but have never needed to wire one into a system before.  We talked about relays for a while and I got that all straitened out in my mind.

Discussions then went on to the TPS and just how to figure out which pin is which on the TPS, as most manufacturers won’t tell you which one is which for fear of a lawsuit no doubt.  My dad has forgotten more about how electronics and such than I even knew.  We just need to get the old meter on the contacts and take a look.  I will have him on FaceTime for that exercise, it should be fun.

Next we went into the Megasquirt ECU that I will be using and talking about how to get things wired most easily.  Dad was very interested in how that part of the project will work.  The last time he rebuilt a car or changed a motor they all still used points.  Sequential Fuel injection and Spark are a long way from that.   Its getting to a fun point now.


The custom intake is now bolted in place, more wiring has been done on sensors as the water temp sensor is in, and the air temp sensor is in the intake just behind the air filter.  The Cam sensor is an optical distributor without the distributor cap as its not needed.  The Crank sensor is all the way down at the bottom and is a hall effect sensor reading a trigger wheel bolted to the back of the Damper.  I would show you a pic of the other side but it is just a mess of loose wires right now…

I can still sit in the front seat and make vroom vroom sounds for now.