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I can’t seem to,catch a break as far as holidays are concerned… First I was on Oman during Ramadan. Now I get another forced holiday as the “Assumption of Marry” is a national holiday here.

Fortunately this time the holiday is only a day so the setback won’t be too bad.

Wrapping it up…

Project is all done and the customer is happy… Next up 24 hours of airport and airplane time.

I have a few things that I want to blog about but have found that I don’t have some photos I want to use on my now broken iPad.

The iPad got knocked off of a counter and landed on a corner… Fortunately the LCD display is not damaged so the fix will be fairly cheap…

It has been a rough month for me and displays…

Missing parts

Get to the job site today, unpack, do the inventory, and everything looks good.

Go through the software and upgrade packages only to discover that there are no security dongles.

Now we are well and truly screwed. It’s Saturday back at the office. I send out the obligatory “oh crap” emails, try and make some phone calls but no one is answering…

So even if they find the security dongles on Monday it will be three days at least to get them here.

And who knows if they will be able to find the dongles…

Crap. Crap. Crap.

Oh, and it’s still Ramadan.